Bruins' Jack Edwards opens up about therapy and health concerns

Published February 22, 2024 at 3:17 PM

Longtime NESN broadcaster Jack Edwards is addressing concerns from Boston Bruins fans about his health this week.

Over the past couple of years, Edwards' speech has slowed down and become more slurred, prompting worries among some fans.

Despite the change, Edwards, 66, assures that neither drinking nor a stroke is the cause, according to

Medical tests at Mass. General neurology have ruled out serious conditions like cancer, dementia, or stroke.

However, no definitive diagnosis has been made, leaving Edwards frustrated.

«I did not have some kind of accident,» he says to «I do not have cancer. I don't have dementia. I haven't had a stroke. All of that's been confirmed by Mass. General neurology.

«They've done tests that seem like I'm going through some sort of science-fiction scene, but it's really true. The images of my brain literally reveal nothing. That's my joke with them.»

Despite this, he remains committed to his job and is treating his speech issue like an in-season injury.

«It doesn't fit in any slot,» he says. «There have been a couple of guesses, but they haven't made a definitive diagnosis and they've been working on me for a year and a half. It's very frustrating, as you can imagine, for me to have this slowdown in my speech.»

Edwards is undergoing daily speech therapy sessions to retrain his brain and regain normal speech function. He acknowledges the challenges but remains optimistic about his progress.

While retirement is on the horizon at 67, Edwards hopes for a graceful exit when that time comes. However, for now, he's focused on getting back to full form and continuing to deliver quality broadcasts for Bruins fans.

«I thank all the people who are working on this problem and helping me, and they seem to feel and I anecdotally feel that I'm making incremental progress,» he says. «The brain is a funny thing, especially mine. It is still possible to train a 66˝-year-old brain to do the same things you used to do in a different way. And that's what we're working on through speech therapy.»

«I'm treating it like an in-season injury, something that's going to get better,» he says. «If I, or NESN, decide that I'm hurting the product or costing the fans an enjoyable experience, I will say goodbye. But we haven't had any discussions like that.

«l love my job, but I know that retirement isn't that far off,» he adds. I'm going to turn 67 next month. I hope to make a graceful exit when the day comes.»
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Bruins' Jack Edwards opens up about therapy and health concerns

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