You won't believe how Connor Bedard's first NHL shootout attempt went

Published December 6, 2023 at 0:16
In the matchup between the Nashville Predators and the Chicago Blackhawks, all eyes were on young phenom Connor Bedard as he stole the spotlight on Tuesday night.

This encounter marked the second meeting between the two teams this season and coincided with Andrew Brunette's 100th game as a head coach.

The game concluded with a 4-3 Predators shootout victory, with Filip Forsberg securing the winning shot.

However, the headlines weren't solely dominated by the result but rather by the impressive performance of first overall pick Connor Bedard, donning the Blackhawks jersey after being drafted in Nashville.

In a thrilling moment, Bedard showcased his skills by scoring his first NHL shootout goal, leaving fans and pundits alike in awe.

The young talent's debut in this high-pressure scenario added a new chapter to his already promising journey in professional hockey.

Despite Bedard's standout moment, the Blackhawks find themselves in a challenging position with a 7-16-0 record, holding the second-worst record in the league. This loss places them at the bottom of the Central Division standings, underscoring the team's struggle in the current season.

While the Blackhawks face adversity in the standings, Bedard's memorable achievement in the shootout provides a glimmer of optimism for the team and their fans, hinting at a promising future for the rising star within the NHL ranks.
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You won't believe how Connor Bedard's first NHL shootout attempt went

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