Why Connor Bedard is Officially the Clear #1 Pick

Published January 4, 2023 at 1:31 PM
A couple months ago, some "experts" were trying to say that Bedard had lost a step and Adam Fantilli (U of Michigan) was the best option to be picked #1 overall.

They believed that he had the most NHL ready skillset, especially with playing older guys at the University of Michigan.

Well, Connor Bedard has officially put those claims to rest, as he has absolutely gone off at the WJC tournament.

Bedard currently leads the tournament in points with 21. The 2nd most points scored in the tournament is just 11. That is an extremely large margin against some of the best youngsters in the world.

How many points does Adam Fantilli have in the tournament? Well, he has just 3 points in the same amount of games played.

Here are some stat comparisons for the two.

Games Played
Bedard: 5
Fantilli: 5

Bedard: 8
Fantilli: 1

Bedard: 13
Fantilli: 2

Shot Percentage
Bedard: 22.9%
Fantilli: 5.9%

Bedard: +12
Fantilli: +1

Against similar competition, Bedard has proven to be the better player, and it doesn't even seem close. With Bedard on the top line, it seems that he may be actually going against better talent.

So, who is your #1?
January 4   |   72 answers
Why Connor Bedard is Officially the Clear #1 Pick

Who should go #1?

Bedard5880.6 %
Fantilli68.3 %
Other811.1 %
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