The Chicago Blackhawks Held The Worst Defensive Pair Stat in The NHL

Published April 10, 2023 at 0:09
The Chicago Blackhawks have started a painful transition of selling off assets as a new regime in Chicago takes hold. Lots of experimenting and young guys will get a look and sometimes it's not for the best.

With Luke Richardson taking the reigns, it is his ship to the right as he sees fit but after looking at this stat, you'll see why no lineup is set in stone.

In a troubling statistic, one of the worst defensive pairings this season was Connor Murphy-Jack Johnson.

Jack Johnson played only 58 games in Chicago before returning back to Colorado, a team he won the cup with.

During his time in Chicago, he was paired with Connor Murphy, both with a Columbus connection.

In addition to sharing that commonality, they shared this terrible statistic and even in Johnson's waning effectiveness on-ice, Richardson tried to justify the pairing by explaining how good the chemistry was between the two, it's obvious why they're not partners any longer. While being 13th on the list isn't the worst, there are 12 pairs worse than you, it's not something you want to see especially from two veterans.
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The Chicago Blackhawks Held The Worst Defensive Pair Stat in The NHL

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