NHL growth trending in the wrong direction.

Published April 5, 2023 at 0:49
As reported recently, the NHL has been trending in the wrong direction in terms of growth, especially with viewership on television and overall interest. Since the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2019-2020 the league has not recovered its viewership as much as it'd hoped.

NHL player agent Alan Walsh explained in his post how the NCAA women's basketball tournament shattered the viewership records Making it the highest-viewed women's basketball game ever in history.

There are many reasons why the NHL is struggling with its viewership these days. from those frustrating blackouts that have plagued the league for years which force viewers to seek alternative methods to watch their hockey games, to the disastrous digital signage that has obscured many players as they try to capture local companies.

Mr. Bettman has work to do to correct these problems and restore viewership. I would suggest dropping those awful blackouts and even bringing back an NHL version of the NFL's Game Pass. This will allow fans to watch any of their teams along with other teams.
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NHL growth trending in the wrong direction.

Which gimmick do you hate the most with NHL marketing?

Regional Blackouts23266.9 %
Digital Signage5014.4 %
Terrible scheduling339.5 %
Baseball Style Playoff Format.329.2 %
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