NHL Official Exposes Why Ryan Reaves was Furious and Requested a Trade to Leave the Rangers

Published November 25, 2022 at 0:09

As we reported on Monday that Ryan Reaves may be on the move, it became true. Reaves was deemed a healthy scratch for eight straight games which raised a lot of concern, and pointed fingers to a trade.

Yes, 8 games! Dating back to November third when the Rangers endured a 0-4 loss, the staff decided they needed a fresh face, and began to sit Reaves in the press box for the following eight games dating up to November 23rd.

With Reaves being out of NHL action throughout 20 consecutive days, his agent and himself decided to explore options throughout the NHL.

Reaves decided the Minnesota Wild was a good choice, and confirmed it with the Rangers organization, where he then would be traded for a fifth round draft.

But there is more to the trade than we really know.

Ryan Reaves left the organization on a ''sour'' ending.

Reaves notified his agent, Kevin Epp, that he wanted a trade right after he was healthy scratched by the Rangers for the first time, which dates back to the teams November 8th game against the Los Angeles Kings.

It's quite unfortunate the way Reaves has been treated, after two years in New York the Rangers did him dirty, and it can be compared to Marc-Andre Fleury, Reaves' former teammate who were both mistreated and traded by the Vegas Golden Knights.

The Rangers flipped Reaves for absolutely zero value, but managed to free up $1.75 million in cap space.

Check out this fight Reaves had just weeks ago against his now ''new team'' the Minnesota Wild..

Credit: Blades of Steel
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NHL Official Exposes Why Ryan Reaves was Furious and Requested a Trade to Leave the Rangers

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