Marchand Calls Out Connor Bedard

Published October 11, 2023 at 6:33 PM
As the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Boston Bruins for their 2nd regular season game, familiar faces will clash.

The rookie, who is still getting his bearings in the NHL, will be facing back-to-back games. In the Blackhawks' win against his idol's team, he contributed a great assist.

Brad Marchand got asked about Connor Bedard today.

It's not just any opponent they're facing, it's Brad Marchand of the former Presidents Trophy-winning Boston Bruins.

The NHL's biggest rat (Brad Marchand) ripped into Connor Bedard when asked about him in an interview.

After the reporter asked him what he would say to Bedard, he threw in a little spice just for good measure. In response, he said: Leave a guy like that alone, nothing else. In reference to the code, seeing as he would have to face Nick Foligno or Corey Perry.

Similarly, Marchand and Bedard were smaller players when they first entered the NHL. So the reported asked further into that territory, but Brad never stops being the little ball of hate:

"Bedard is smaller," said Marchand, so he had to get his shot in.

After losing Taylor Hall and Nick Foligno to the Blackhawks in the off-season, the Bruins will be looking to remain relevant.

Bedard should disregard Marchand and just show him why he's the best.

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Marchand Calls Out Connor Bedard

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