Jack Eichel responds to Charles Barkley's Call Out

Published June 13, 2023 at 0:42
During the Stanley Cup Finals, Jack Eichel had a chance encounter with Charles Barkley in the hallway.

Although Eichel was already conversing with someone else, Barkley introduced himself to him.

"Of course I know who Charles Barkley is."

Jack Eichel speaks out after basketball Hall of Famer thought the Golden Knights center had "zero idea" who he was. 😂

Eichel, a fan of Inside The NBA, revealed that he supports the Boston Celtics.

Despite Eichel's awareness of Barkley as a prominent TV personality, he may not be familiar with his basketball career.

Nevertheless, Eichel expressed his appreciation for Barkley's interest in the NHL and his love for hockey.

«I think that was a little unfortunate. I think it was taken out of context. I was in a conversation with somebody, and he came by and introduced himself. We said hi quick. And he said, I don't want to interrupt you,' and he kind of just kept on walking down the road. And that was the extent of it,» explained Eichel, a Massachusetts native who roots for the Boston Celtics.

«So, it might have just been taken a little bit wrong. But he's awesome. It's great that he's been following hockey, and it's cool to see the relationship that the TNT guys have formed.

«But I'm a big Inside the NBA fan. I think they do a great job on that show, and I really enjoy watching it.»

Even in his old age, I've got a feeling that Chuck could give Ryan Reaves some points on how to fight in the paint.

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Jack Eichel responds to Charles Barkley's Call Out

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