Is Ex-Blackhawk Robin Lehner's NHL Career Over?: An Update

Published September 21, 2023 at 10:25
The Vegas Golden Knights have released the training camp roster, and Lehner was not listed as LTIR or IR.

Having won the Stanley Cup last season, the team looks to win it again this year, but will Lehner be able to help?

An update suggests that might not be the case.

Robin Lehner is NOT listed on VGKs camp roster.

Not surprising, but noteworthy nonetheless.

In the wake of double hip surgery last season, Lehner did not play, and there is no official word as to when he will return.

While filing for bankruptcy, the goalie is being sued by multiple creditors and accused of fraud.

Golden Knights training camp starts today, but the players will hit the ice for the first time Thursday at 9am

Training camp roster broken into three groups: ‘Vegas,' ‘Golden,' and ‘Knights'

Biggest takeaway from the camp roster, Robin Lehner is not listed in Vegas' roster

It is another black eye on their already questionable reputation if they do not play Lehner. Fans will remember them sending Marc-Andre Fleury to the Chicago Blackhawks for peanuts, it caused the team to have to yield to a massive amount of aggression from upset fans, and I can't imagine it being any different this time around.

In addition to having two years remaining on his contract, Lehner comes with a $5 Million annual cap hit.
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Is Ex-Blackhawk Robin Lehner's NHL Career Over?: An Update

Will Robin Lehner be a Vegas Golden Knight much longer?

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No2475 %
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