Game Canceled After Scary Situation Breaks Loose

Published January 7, 2023 at 1:55
Hockey fans thrive for good old school hockey which includes big hits, tough knuckled fights and more goodies, but one thing nobody thrives for is to see a fellow player go down in a vulnerable manner due to injury.

Sadly, this was the case on Friday night during a Pittsburgh Penguins AHL affiliate (Wilkes-Barre Scarnton Penguins Penguins) game. With little time left in the third period, a Pittsburgh Penguins prospect by the name of Filip Hallander got into a very scary collision with an opposing teams player, which left Hallander landing on his head.

It was a quiet moment in the arena when Hallander was down, thankfully medical staff quickly came to Hallander's needs, while the players were taking a knee, left shocked.

The remaining 1 minute and twelve seconds left in the game was meaningless, the injury and Hallander's condition was quite more important so the league decided to cancel the remainder of the game.
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Game Canceled After Scary Situation Breaks Loose

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