Foreseeing What Bedard's Numbers Could Be

Published July 26, 2023 at 1:09 PM
As NHL fans continue to enjoy their summer months and begin to yearn for the excitement of hockey once again, the topic of discussion among many fans will be the projected numbers for Connor Bedard in terms of goals, assists, and overall points.

The rookie sensation is embarking on his journey in the NHL, making the transition from the WHL, and it promises to be a fascinating story to witness how he performs and where he ends up on the score sheet.

With the Blackhawks deeply immersed in a full rebuilding mode and general manager Kyle Davidson actively bringing in players to support Bedard in their quest to regain competitiveness, it remains uncertain whether he will break any NHL records as a rookie or have an outstanding season with more modest numbers.

Fans will also be vying for their desired spots in their NHL fantasy pools, with many hoping to select Bedard as their number-one pick, especially in keeper leagues.

As a fan, I choose not to compare Bedard to anybody else, recognizing that each player is unique. Additionally, considering that the team is still in pieces and not a complete project, I believe Bedard will have a great season but not an astronomical one.

I can envision him achieving around 30 goals if his line is strong and anywhere between 60 and 80 points given his exceptional skill set and hockey IQ.

However, it's essential to remember that even Connor McDavid, in 2015, only managed sixteen goals and 48 points in his opening year with the Oilers. Back then, the Oilers were also in the rebuilding process, so Bedard's performance will heavily depend on how the team is configured.

One thing is certain Bedard will make the team this year, and he is poised to be the star and leader of the Blackhawks for many years to come. I also believe he has the potential to become the face of the NHL in the not-so-distant future.
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Foreseeing What Bedard's Numbers Could Be

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