Evander Kane Involved in a Serious Investigation Once Again

Published November 25, 2022 at 10:00
Despite several court cases due to alleged abuse with his ex wife and also bankruptcy agents, Evander Kane is yet again in hot water, this time Kane's ''top creditor'' is going after him.

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''Evander Kane's top creditor, Centennial Bank, wants to block Kane's file for bankruptcy, which would allow him to walk away from his debts. The bank claims he owes them more than $8M.''

''In the bank's motion, the lender writes that since 2014, Kane has entered 24 separate lending arrangements.''

''It was a cycle of just taking out new loans to pay off existing loans," Kane said, in the July 6 deposition, according to the partial transcript included as an exhibit to Centennial's motion. And referring to the financial firm he retained to arrange the debt, Kane added, "Sure Sports were the ones that were seeking these loans out for me, they were the ones that sought out the loan with you and Centennial Bank, and it was just a vicious cycle of loan after loan that they were able to get me into."

''Kane also borrowed over $2 million from friends and testified those debts were incurred in various cases to help him pay off mortgages, loans from other people, and gambling debts. In one instance, he purchased a $9,000 Pokemon card, he testified, as a form of payment to Tony Veltri, whom the bankruptcy petition lists as owed $320,000.''

''Kane has admitted in court proceedings to having a gambling problem, and his side views Centennial's motion as a red herring designed to embarrass him.
Centennial argued because Kane does not have records to back up his gambling losses or gains, he runs afoul of the bankruptcy code's requirement that a debtor has substantive records as part of the Chapter 7 process.''

''Kane has successfully defended the bankruptcy petition to this point, winning rulings from the court rebuffing the bank creditors' efforts to stymie the process. The court largely halted the process earlier this year to prepare for a series of adversarial cases akin to trials, including Centennial's.''

'' A group of banks is seeking to convert the case into a different chapter under the Kane's lawyer in an email wrote that if the judge scheduled a hearing, he would respond to the banks' arguments.''

After MANY controversial cases regarding Evander Kane, will the NHL ever step in and take action?

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Evander Kane Involved in a Serious Investigation Once Again

Should Evander Kane be allowed to play in the NHL?

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