Erik Karlsson Has Requested a Trade out of San Jose

Published June 23, 2023 at 1:38
Reports have surfaced that Erik Karlsson, a top player for the San Jose team, has requested to be traded due to the team's decision to undergo a rebuilding phase.

However, Karlsson has made it clear that he is only interested in joining a contender team.

The San Jose team has acknowledged Karlsson's request and has promised to work towards finding a suitable trade partner during the offseason.

Despite receiving inquiries from various teams regarding the Norris Trophy candidate, potential trade partners are hesitant due to Karlsson's no-trade clause that requires his approval for any trade.

Another factor that could affect a potential trade is Karlsson's salary, which stands at a significant $11.5 million per year.

The San Jose team may have to retain some of it to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Presently, Karlsson still has four years remaining on his contract with San Jose, and there has been no indication that the

Edmonton Oilers have expressed any interest in acquiring him again. In the past, the Oilers were in trade talks with the Sharks, but it seems that the negotiations fell through.
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Erik Karlsson Has Requested a Trade out of San Jose

Who should pick up Erik Karlsson?

Edmonton Oilers4732 %
Detroit Red Wings4530.6 %
Calgary Flames2114.3 %
Vegas Golden Knights3423.1 %
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