Blackhawks general manager comments on Corey Perry being traded by the organization

Published November 25, 2023 at 6:15 PM
There have been rumors regarding Corey Perry's absence from the Chicago Blackhawks after he has been a healthy scratch for two games recently.

First, the team responded to all inquiries regarding Perry's situation as a team decision.

We were curious to know what Perry did to warrant his expulsion (speculated) from the team, as it puzzled us at first. Is there something he did to another teammate?

Even though the situation remains ongoing as Perry stays away from the team for an extended period of time, there is another roadblock that Perry must overcome if he is to make a timely return to the team.

Coach Luke Richardson was recently asked what would happen with Corey Perry and if a trade is possible.

Davidson when asked if Perry's absence is related to a (potential) trade: "You know, to start ruling anything out I think is irresponsible, so I'm just going to not comment on any possible outcome."

Considering Perry's family issues, this is a terrible way to address the situation, as his agent Pat Morris recently explained, the forward is away handling the situation for now and to respect his decision.

Statement from Pat Morris of Newport, who represents Corey Perry:

In Chicago, Perry was only signed for one season, and anywhere else would be a rental or a cap dump if he didn't return.

Now that we know the Blackhawks won't contend for now, why is Davidson and company so concerned with Perry's family issues?

Their response almost seems craven in light of a player's situation.

He has contributed on the ice by scoring nine points in 16 games and served as an intimidation factor against NHLers messing with Connor Bedard and Martin Misiak in pre-season.

#Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson said the decision to hold out Corey Perry "is coming from the organization's end."

Perry's agent appears to refute that by saying the player stepped away from the team for "personal matters."

At the very least, be transparent about what you are planning, Kyle.

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Blackhawks general manager comments on Corey Perry being traded by the organization

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