Blackhawks defenseman explains his views of his team.

Published April 17, 2023 at 11:39 PM
Blackhawks defenseman Seth Jones had high expectations set on his shoulders when he signed his whopping contract extension with the Blackhawks for eight years worth $76 million.

That is an unbelievable number for a defenseman who has been traded three times and has had a career seven seasons in the negative for his plus-minus.

Tonight, Jones weighed in with reporters with his views on the team in its current state and what they need to do to get better as individuals and as a team.

«We all have something to play for here. We're all trying to get better as individuals. We're not going to get better out of thin air, just come back next year and hope for the best.»

As most of the Hawks Nation knows, this team is about to go through a major rebuilding phase as they have gutted the entire organization of talent and have left the lineup with few players that could make a difference.

They have a record number of draft picks going into this offseason with 11 and carry $52 million in cap space.

Jones is right that the team will not improve out of thin air and it will take several years, proper drafting and trading to bring the team back to contention.

Saying all that, it's hard to fathom a defenseman with a price tag that large and who has not proven to be a worthy defender with three teams he's played for that justifies the cash he's given. Time will only tell if Seth Jones can live up to his contract extension.
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Blackhawks defenseman explains his views of his team.

Will Seth Jones ever meet the value of his contract extension's worth?

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