Blackhawks Rookies Getting Lessons in Fighting

Published July 12, 2023 at 1:40 PM
As all NHL fans know, fighting is still a part of the game, and players are required to toughen up and know how to defend themselves. There will come a time when a star will need to stand up to a bully who tries to goad them into a penalty or a fight, testing their resolve.

It appears that the Blackhawks are currently in the process of training their new young talent on how to fight and perform other necessary actions for their protection. A video was tweeted showing Connor Bedard with boxing gloves on his hands, taking a few swings as he prepares for further training.

It is highly expected that General Manager Kyle Davidson will seek out some toughness for his redesigned lineup to help Bedard and other young stars weather the Western Conference, known for its heavier and larger players.

There are numerous players still available on the unrestricted free agency market whom the Blackhawks could consider to improve the team's toughness. Players such as Matt Dumba and Nick Ritchie could be brought in at a lower cost to bolster the lineup.

In the meantime, Bedard and others will need to bulk up and prepare themselves mentally for a rigorous NHL season.
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Blackhawks Rookies Getting Lessons in Fighting

Will the Blackhawks bring in the proper muscle to help Bedard?

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