Blackhawks Owner Criticizes Chicago's Crime rate

Published April 8, 2023 at 6:06
The Chicago Blackhawks have been criticized of late, after being one of the NHL's top franchise the Blackhawks have been just awful the past few seasons.

There's also the issue after the Kyle Beech incident Blackhawks Owner Rockey Wirts would lose it on a reporter bringing it up during a Blackhawks state of teams address last season.

Well Mr Wirtz is back in the news again criticizing his team's city's crime rate saying:

"Crime is something we have to be careful [about] because we want people to come into the United Center. That's where the Bulls and Blackhawks play. And our partner, [Chairperson of the Chicago Bulls] Jerry Reinsdorf, we both own a piece of the building. And the important thing is that we want fans to feel comfortable coming to our building and how we can do that," Wirtz explained during an appearance on Cavuto: Coast to Coast.

It was less than a week ago that a man was shot and killed while near the venue on the sidewalk in the 2100 block of West Randolph Street. Wirtz is hoping that Chicago's mayor elect Brandon Johnson will be tougher on crime than his predecessor Lori Lightfoot, who oversaw several businesses leaving the city due to the rising violent crime rates.

"Chicago has 50 different wards. This is the time for the 50 wards to work together with City Hall. And I believe that the mayor-elect is going to do that if he comes out of the gate strong -- which I believe he will. This is a time to reinforce the help that the business community can have,"

- Rockey Wirtz

Let's be real crime is everywhere and it's risen all over the United States as well as other countries even Canada. You just have to watch your surroundings but people shouldn't be afraid to attend a hockey game over the crime rate, your more likely to be just fine.

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Blackhawks Owner Criticizes Chicago's Crime rate

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