BREAKING: Several Blackhawks Dynasty Members Call Out The Organization

Published April 19, 2023 at 2:14 PM
As the 2013 season drew to a close, some of the key players from that year's Blackhawks team have recently confided to The Athletic that they feel let down by the organization's failure to properly recognize what is widely considered to be the most outstanding squad in the franchise's storied history. This group of elite athletes kicked off the season in record-breaking fashion, racking up an incredible 21 wins and only three ties in their first 24 games.

They went on to clinch the Presidents' Trophy and, in an unforgettable moment, sealed the Stanley Cup title with two back-to-back goals by Bryan Bickell and Dave Bolland, scored just 17 seconds apart in the dying minutes of Game 6 against the Boston Bruins. Despite their remarkable achievements, these players feel that the Blackhawks have not given them the recognition and respect they deserve.

The Blackhawks declined The Athletic's request to interview president of business operations Jaime Faulkner for this story.

'One former player pointed to the recent decisions not to offer contracts to Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews as part of a trend.'

«It's like they just want to move on from us completely,» said one member of the 2013 team, who was granted anonymity because he didn't want to jeopardize his relationship with the club. «Doesn't make much sense to me.» Said an anonymous 2013 Blackhawks member.

«We're all hoping they do one,» Saad said with a shrug. «I know there's usually a 10-year reunion, and we're hoping they do it. Hopefully, whenever it is, we're not playing and I have a chance to come back and enjoy it. It's always nice to get back with guys you had success with.»

The team source also noted that Hossa's night already brought back many members of the 2013 team, including all seven three-time Cup winners Hossa, Kane, Toews, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, Patrick Sharp and Niklas Hjalmarsson which made it a logistical challenge to find another date that worked for everyone.

That said, «nobody asked,» according to one former player.

«I don't know if it's been delayed or something like that,» Saad said. «But we're all still hoping.»

Source: The Athletic
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BREAKING: Several Blackhawks Dynasty Members Call Out The Organization

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