BREAKING: NHL Officially Bans Pride and Military Appreciation Jerseys & More

Published June 22, 2023 at 5:17 PM
The NHL Board of Governors has announced that teams will no longer wear specialty jerseys during warmups in the upcoming season.

This decision applies to jerseys associated with important causes such as Hockey Fights Cancer, Military Appreciation, Pride, and other specialty warmup jerseys. According to NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, this move aims to eliminate distractions on the ice. Last season, players opting out of certain events drew attention away from the significance of these causes.

While teams will continue to host special nights honoring these causes, the focus will now be on the game itself, rather than the jerseys. Fans can still purchase these specialty jerseys, but they will no longer be worn by players during warmups.

This includes hockey fights cancer, military appreciation, pride and any specialty warmup jerseys.
Gary Bettman deemed it to be 'too much of a distraction' last season, and encourages teams to still host special nights, just without the jerseys.
"The importance of the various causes have been undermined by the distraction of players choosing not to participate in certain events"
The jerseys will still be sold to fans, but teams have been told that they cannot be worn for warmups.

The NHL intends to maintain the spirit of theme nights while directing attention towards the game and the underlying cause it supports.

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BREAKING: NHL Officially Bans Pride and Military Appreciation Jerseys & More

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