An entertaining and heated face-off between the Tkachuk brothers.

Published September 14, 2023 at 0:39
NHL brothers are always a riot when they play in the league at the same time. Usually, they're pretty close in age and grew up together, quite competitive, and push one another in the literal sense and emotionally while poking fun at one another on who is mom's favourite.

You have the Staal brothers who, at one time, were three of four playing on the same team in the Carolina Hurricanes while Marc Staal was playing for the New York Rangers. Then, of course, you have the Tkachuk brothers.

Brady and Matthew have always been known to be competitive with one another, even when they face off against each other as an Ottawa Senator and a Florida Panther. During media day today, the brothers were showing off their style, and of course, things got heated after the face-off was done for the photo op.

It all stems from their father, former NHL star Keith Tkachuk, who also prided himself on being extremely competitive and domineering on the ice. It's safe to say that his sons also acquired that competitiveness and fun nature."
September 14   |   165 answers
An entertaining and heated face-off between the Tkachuk brothers.

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