A new fan favorite emerges at training camp

Published July 15, 2023 at 1:53
During the development camp, which was primarily focused on off-ice activities, prospects had the opportunity to unwind before the start of the season while also showcasing their unique personalities.

The team had arranged for various activities, including cooking classes, floor hockey with children, and a tour of Chicago which included a Cubs game.

"There are a lot of people who make fun about it who are like whose name is that stupid."

--Blackhawks prospect Marcel Marcel on his name

Then we told him about Marcel Marceau ...

One prospect who stood out from the rest was Marcel Marcel, a native of Czechia. Interestingly, Marcel's selection in the 5th round was almost missed because he was in the restroom at his billet family's house.

Blackhawks 5th-round draft pick Marcel Marcel is a one-man stand-up comedy routine:

: "Why were you suspended?"

Marcel: "I mean, like, big guy. The guy was smaller. It was not that dirty, but it didn't look good."

During his conversation with the team, Marcel shared about his recent suspension for a hit on a larger opponent and even joked about being mistaken for Marcel Marceau, a famous French mime who passed away in 2007.

Overall, the development camp was a great success in terms of both personal and professional growth for the prospects.

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A new fan favorite emerges at training camp

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