5 Thoughts & Full Highlights: Winnipeg Jets at Chicago Blackhawks - November 28, 2022

Published November 28, 2022 at 7:00 PM
The Winnipeg Jets beat the Chicago Blackhawks, 7-2.

1: Goal Called Back - This goal wasn't game altering, and wouldn't have made a difference, but it could have been 7-3. Again, not that much of a difference. Andreas Athanasiou scored a tip-in goal, but was called back due to Max Domi being offsides, and rightfully so, he was clearly offsides. Just sucks for the team, especially Domi and Athanasiou.

2: Mrazek's Poor Performance - We're paying this guy 4 million dollars a year for him to be performing like this in the net. Letting up seven goals in unacceptable. At least he took blame for some of them. There have been some rumors that the Blackhawks may try to trade Petr Mrazek, but I don't see anything happening with him. What I see, is Chicago trying to trade him, or buy him out. If we want to, or try to release him, there has to be some type of penalty on that.

3: Jones' Brothers Strike Again - Seth and Caleb Jones are probably one of the worst brother crew right now in the NHL. Both of them were in the box at the same time, Seth with a tripping penalty, and Caleb called with a hook, setting up a 5 on 3 where Winnipeg capitalized and scored. Something has to be done about this. Trade Caleb. Seth Jones isn't all that bad, but his contract takes away and directs a lot of negativity towards him. And to be clear, I don't disagree, his contract is absurd.

4: Shots on Goal - Chicago has been doing well shooting the puck recently, and it was nice to see. 30+ SOG for the Hawks in their last couple games. They even outshot the Pittsburgh Penguins last week. This was a bad game. 44 shots for the Jets, 25 shots for the Blackhawks.

5: Blowout - It is embarrassing when you get blown out like this, especially at home. Winnipeg scored a Touchdown worth of goals with seven, and Chicago with a safety worth of goals only scoring two. This was disgraceful, and was really hard to watch. The players are clearly feeling it, with the locker room door being shut for a whole 14 minutes after the game concluded. This won't be a fun season.
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5 Thoughts & Full Highlights: Winnipeg Jets at Chicago Blackhawks - November 28, 2022

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