5 Famous Celebrities That Are Chicago Blackhawks Fans

Published April 29, 2023 at 0:24
The Chicago Blackhawks are a legendary team, founded in 1926 and a member of the Original Six, they have a deep-rooted history in the city.

Being a city of champions has its perks, as the team has consistently sold out the United Center. Having 500-plus games sold out tells you how passionate the fans are in Chicago.

Among those counted as fans, they have some fun and exciting celebrities who show up from time to time. Noted is Vince Vaughn, the well-known comedian used his long-term fandom of the Blackhawks in the plot of the movie The Dilemma where he and Kevin James show up to a Hawks game to win a trip to the All-Star Game by shooting the puck, the movie was released during the height the Blackhawk dynasty in 2011.

Also notable, CM Punk, Former WWE/AEW wrestler, is an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan who seems to tweet about the hawks consistently. There's a rivalry between himself and the Kings mascot Bailey on Tweet, and the beef went on during 2013-2014, when both teams had a rivalry going, how's that for kayfabe?

Superbowl winning bears QB, Jim McMahon is a regular at Blackhawks games and plays shoot-the puck often.

Chance the Rapper who is known for the SNL skit "Let's do that hockey" shows up often to play shoot-the-puck as well. He's met players a few times along with being gifted a jersey with his name on his back. Last but not least is President Barack Obama, who was a former Illinois Senator and also welcomed the Blackhawks dynasty to the Whitehouse 3 times, during their peak.

From shoot-the-puck to playoff games, we have seen many celebrities show up to the United Center to support the Chicago Blackhawks. Here are 5 celebrities who are fans of the Blackhawks.
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5 Famous Celebrities That Are Chicago Blackhawks Fans

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