17-Year-Old Macklin Celebrini Set to Smash Jonathan Toews' Historic Record

Published October 29, 2023 at 2:46 PM

Macklin Celebrini: A Rising Star in the Making

In the world of hockey, there's a young player who's capturing the attention of fans and experts alike. Macklin Celebrini, a 17-year-old rookie, is showing remarkable promise and could be on the path to making history.

Celebrini is the standout prospect expected to lead the 2024 NHL Draft class, and his recent performance in the NCAA is turning heads. In just six games, he's already notched an impressive eight goals, making him the top goal-scorer in the entire NCAA.

What's truly extraordinary about this achievement is that it hasn't been seen in almost two decades. Since Jonathan Toews' incredible 22-goal season as a U-18 player in 2005-06, no one in that age category has come close. Now, Celebrini has the potential to surpass that iconic record.

Macklin Celebrini, the top projected prospect for the 2024 #NHLDraft, leads the NCAA with eight goals in six games.

Since 1999-00, no U-18 player has scored more goals in a single season than Jonathan Toews' 22 goals set in 2005-06.

Gotta think Celebrini will overtake him.

Toews, a legendary figure in the Blackhawks' history, has held onto this record for over 20 years. But with Celebrini's early success, there's a growing sense that he might be the one to rewrite the history books.

As fans watch Celebrini's journey unfold, they'll be witnessing the rise of a potential legend in the making, and the excitement is palpable.
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17-Year-Old Macklin Celebrini Set to Smash Jonathan Toews' Historic Record

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