Chicago Blackhawks acquire Leafs Mitch Marner? A reporter addresses it

May 9, 2024  (0:36)

Mitch Marner standing for the Anthem
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The Toronto Maple Leafs are in panic mode, after the 1st round loss to their eternal rivals, the Boston Bruins. The core four consume most of the team's salary cap, with Auston Matthews, John Tavares, William Nylander, and Mitch Marner benefitting from Kyle Dubas' largesse.

The team by all means, lacks traditional depth in their rank, including defense and goaltending.

It seems like Brad Treliving will have to blow it all up, and there's a lot of talk about moving on from Mitch Marner during the off-season.
You can see the dislike of Marner runs deep, as in 2019 there was controversy regarding his new deal 5 years ago:
With Marner being the target of fanbase hatred, it seems likely he will be dealt by Treliving. With the Maple Leafs being all the buzz lately, Jeff Marek and Elliote Friedman discussed a deal between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks for the Leafs veterans.
Marner and the Leafs have a full NMC, so of course Treliving would have to move heaven and earth to get Marner to accept the idea of moving on from Toronto.
Marner for Jones may not be sustainable as, a year of Marner wouldn't be worth Jones, considering he's found his game again and eats tons of minutes on ice.
A reporter on OnTapSportsnet revealed the following:
Marner is NOT a Fit in Chicago...
When thinking about Luke Richardson's system, it's a hard-nosed, full-effort game that is needed night in and night out. When looking at a player like Mitch Marner, neither of those traits come to mind or show on film.

Marner is a great offensive generator, sure. He has posted 95, 97, and 85 points in the last three seasons. That said, he is largely a perimeter player, does not get to the slot, and isn't the greatest of defensive players. As noted by the clips from Toronto fans above, he doesn't try and that is something that wouldn't fly with the Blackhawks.

Jones has 31 points( 8 G, 23 A) in 67 games this season, but unlike Marner Jones fits into Luke Richardson's hard-nose style of play.
Marner may be an offensive answer, but as a perimeter player wouldn't fit into the system. Let alone, would his term fit the team's rebuild?
While trades like this are fun to spitball and theorize, there's always a chance it could be better on paper.
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Chicago Blackhawks acquire Leafs Mitch Marner? A reporter addresses it

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