BREAKING: Detroit Red Wings' trade deadline plans exposed by head coach

Published March 1, 2024 at 6:11 PM

In the NHL, Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman is a bit of a mystery man. It's hard to figure out his plan, especially when it comes to team moves.

With the NHL Trade Deadline just a week away (March 8), there's talk that the Red Wings might change their recent pattern of selling off players and instead aim to strengthen the team, especially since they're pushing for a playoff spot.

Coach Derek Lalonde shared some insight, highlighting the trust between him, the players, and Yzerman.

"I don't have a specific wish list," Lalonde said. "Steve has built this team, and there's a strong trust in whatever decisions he makes. Whether we stay put or make moves, I'm confident in the direction we're headed."

Lalonde hinted that sticking with the current roster could be the boldest move of all.

"Sometimes, the best move is no move at all," Lalonde added. "That would show our confidence in the team we've got."

Of course, in a perfect world, Lalonde joked, they'd have an unlimited salary cap and a roster stacked with top talent.

"We're always brainstorming," Lalonde explained. "As a coach, I want it all. But Steve's got to balance the present and the future, so we trust his judgment."
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BREAKING: Detroit Red Wings' trade deadline plans exposed by head coach

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