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NHL Sends Stern Warning to Detroit Red Wings Player For Celebrating

Published February 15, 2024 at 7:51 PM

There are codes in the NHL, and while they are not as esoteric as they used to be, they are about protecting skilled players and letting enforcers police the ice. Nevertheless, there are many unwritten rules on the ice.

Thanks to the NHL, they're policing celebrations now, another unwritten code confirming they hate fun.


Known as the "griddy", Detroit's Jake Walman has taken the dance as his signature celly.

Last Saturday, Walman scored a goal against the Vancouver Canucks using a penalty shot and performed a dance move called "griddy" afterwards. Although the dance has caused controversy, Walman has continued to use it.

According to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, both teams involved in the game are likely to receive a warning from the league. As a result of situation which occurred between Morgan Rielly and Ridly Greig.

The most ridiculous thing about this situation is that the league is trying to stop "cellys" (post-goal celebrations) in certain situations it seems, possibly as a result of an incident involving Morgan Rielly and Ridly Greig.

However, this is an absurd idea, as Greig scored a goal into an empty net to which Rielly retaliated, while Walman took a penalty shot alone.

So, does this situation make sense?

Does 1+1=2 anymore?

The Red Wings and Canucks will battle it out again tonight, and should be a compelling watch as the Canucks continue to keep the playoffs in their grasp, while the Red Wings fight for a Wild Card spot in the Atlantic.

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NHL Sends Stern Warning to Detroit Red Wings Player For Celebrating

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