Marc Crawford Returns To Practice Speaks To Media.

Published January 3, 2020 at 11:20

The Chicago Blackhawks lost a crazy game last night against the Vancouver Canucks 7-5 as they gave up three goals in the third period. Chicago's focus now turns to the Detroit Red Wings who they'll play on Sunday night. To help focus on Detroit, they'll have the help of assistant coach Marc Crawford who's suspension has come to an end. He hit the ice and was welcomed back by players to lots of stick taps and noise which Crawford appreciated. "It was great to be out with the guys," said Crawford. "It was a nice reception."
Crawford said he just wants to move forward and help the Blackhawks make the playoffs. «For me, I want the team to get to normal as quickly as they possibly can,» Crawford said of facing the media. «That's a big part of why I'm even speaking today, is that we want to move forward, and I think it's really important for the Blackhawks to continue (to) focus on what's really important right now, for the Blackhawks, which is trying to make the playoffs.»
The former head coach wasn't willing to speak about any specific accusations but added he's just trying to do the right thing. «This is an ongoing process and as I said in my statement, I'm all about making sure I do the right thing, that I listen and that I understand. That's really what I hope comes from this. I understand how they're feeling, how those players are feeling and in the end if that happens I hopefully can become better for it, they become better for it and hopefully the game becomes better for it.»
«It's really about me and some of the things I did wrong with some of the teams and some of the things I did wrong throughout my career,» Crawford said. «For those things I'm really sorry, I wish those things didn't happen but they did."

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