Marc-Andre Fleury Explains Retirement Thoughts.

Published August 5, 2021 at 3:37 PM

"The Chicago Blackhawks got their starting goalie this offseason but it almost didn't come together. After finding out through social media that he had been traded to the Blackhawks, Marc-Andre Fleury was leaning towards retirement. The 2021 Vezina winner explained that it wasn't the fact he was headed to Chicago, it was just that he was blindsided by the trade and not being told about before hand. «I never had anything against Chicago, the organization,» Fleury said. «I think it was just me, personally, (figuring out) what I wanted to do.»
"My agent gave me a call, told me it was out on Twitter that I was traded. That's how I found out. I don't have social media, so I'm not on there looking things up all the time."Now that he's over the original shock, Fleury is pretty excited about the retool that's happening and appreciates how the Blackhawks respected he needed a minute to think everything over. «I keep hearing so many great things about the team and how they treat the players and the families,» Fleury said. «I thought Stan (Bowman) did a great job, too, of getting some players over the summer, trying to make this team competitive right away. That's also very appealing.»
«The team was good (about) giving me a few days to reflect and think about it,» he said. «It was good to have a few days to think things through.»
What do you think of Fleury's comments?"

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