Calls Grow For Blackhawks To Change Logo Again.

Published June 26, 2020 at 4:08 PM

"While it hasn't received the protests that the Washington Redskins or Cleveland Indians has received, the Chicago Blackhawks have come under fire at times for their logo. Even though it's been voted the most iconic jersey in the NHL, it has once again come under fire with the recent tensions across the country. The Athletic's Scott Powers put together an article recently that covers both sides of the argument. "Even among Native Americans, as shown by Kelly and Miller, not everyone agrees. There are those who find the logo racist, offensive and destructive. One of the National Congress of American Indians' initiatives is to completely end the use of sports mascots, logos and symbols.
There are others who believe the logo can be a tool to educate people about everything from the history of Native Americans in the United States to their traditions and culture.
«One thing that is important to keep in mind is there's no such thing as the Indian point of view,» said Loyola University Chicago professor Theodore Karamanski, who teaches American Indian history courses. «Each Native American has its own traditions, its own history and view the world differently, and Native American viewpoints and beliefs change over time.»
Do you think the Hawks should consider changing their logo?


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