BREAKING Kane Makes Statement Regarding Sexual Abuse Investigation.

Published September 17, 2021 at 5:45 PM

"While there's lot of hype regarding the 2021-22 Chicago Blackhawks season a black cloud remains over the team.
That of course is the ongoing investigation into the sexual abuse allegations regarding former video coach Brad Aldrich.
Overall it's been pretty secretive except for a couple of random players who have spoken up.
When it comes to current players it's mostly been silence.
Patrick Kane was asked about it by The Athletic's Mark Lazarus during the recent media tour.
Patrick Kane told me he has participated in the Jenner & Block investigation. Called the allegations "disturbing" and said he "feels for" John Doe. But said he didn't know of it at the time, and never saw or heard any homophobic bullying in the years after.

As the story continues to unfold we can expect that more players will comment on the situation as camps around the leagues open."

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