Will the Ducks make a stunning choice at 2?

Published June 25, 2023 at 0:33

In drafts like the upcoming 2023 NHL draft, with so many generational talents from 1-10, sometimes teams can surprise us all with their choice. It's a foregone conclusion that the Chicago Blackhawks will be choosing future superstar Connor Bedard with their first overall pick.

It seems, however, that the Anaheim Ducks may have a different narrative than everyone else would think.

During the 32 Thoughts podcast, host Jeff Marek stated that a source through the Anaheim Ducks told him they will select Matvei Michkov as the second overall not Adam Fantilli. Throughout the past number of weeks and months, fan Tilly has been marked as the number two choice by all pundits and scouts.

It's certainly a gamble for Pat Verbeek who became the general manager of the Anaheim Ducks recently and with the uncertainty of Michkov being in Russia for the next three years. He may not even be able to come to the United States due to the current conflict with Ukraine. I think this would be an enormous gamble that's not needed when Fantilli is a lock.

The Ducks require a centerman as they have lost veteran Ryan Getzlaf to retirement.

It will be one of the more interesting drafts in the last 20 years and be as deep as it is. I expect more surprises from other teams wanting to move up. The draft will begin on July 28th and will be in Nashville TN.
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Will the Ducks make a stunning choice at 2?

Will the Ducks choose Fantilli or Michkov at 2?

Fantilli11079.7 %
Michkov2820.3 %
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