Will Drake be a Chicago Blackhawks fan soon?

Published July 7, 2023 at 0:10

Connor Bedard is a rising star in the NHL. In his last season as a WHL player, he posted an impressive 140+ points and made a big impact at the World Juniors.

As the 1st overall draft pick, he's currently experiencing a lot of media attention and is expected to become a star player for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Why is Drake making instagram stories of Connor Bedard? 😂

Connor is also gaining popularity beyond the hockey world. Recently, Drake even posted a photo of him on social media.

Some fans are wondering if this means Drake will switch his allegiance from the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Blackhawks, with Connor leading the way. While anything is possible, only time will tell.
July 7   |   290 answers
Will Drake be a Chicago Blackhawks fan soon?

Will Connor Bedard turn more people in Chicago Blackhawks fans?

Yes23280 %
No5820 %
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