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Will Bedard's Size Be a Problem for the Blackhawks?

Published July 25, 2023 at 1:48

Connor Bedard was the most anticipated draft choice since Connor McDavid in 2015. This young man was talked about well before the draft was even announced. Pundits, coaches, and scouts have been watching him for many years as he developed into the young phenom he's about to become.

Playing at the center position has always been associated with players who are over 6 feet two inches tall and well over 200 pounds to be effective in the NHL. According to eliteprospects.com, the 18-year-old North Vancouver, BC native stands at 5 feet 10 inches and 185 pounds, making him one of the smallest centers to be drafted as the first-round first overall choice.

A tweet by Big Head Hockey pointed out that many of the best players currently in the NHL are smaller and lighter than Bedard.

While many NHL teams continue to follow the pattern of drafting larger-sized centers, it appears the Blackhawks would rather go smaller. However, let's be clear, Bedard is off the charts when it comes to hockey IQ, hockey skill set, and overall professionalism that he will bring to the game.

In my opinion, the Blackhawks have nothing to worry about regarding what Bedard brings to the table, and there should not be a discussion about whether he can adapt to the NHL from the WHL. I expect him to win Rookie of the Year this year, especially with the additions that the Blackhawks have made, which should certainly make it possible.
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Will Bedard's Size Be a Problem for the Blackhawks?

Will Bedard's size pose a problem for him as he transitions into the NHL?

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