Two NHL Insiders Reveal 3 Spots Toews Could Likely Request a Trade to

Published December 11, 2022 at 2:08 PM

Sometime this season the Chicago Blackhawks will ask their captain what he plans to do prior the trade deadline, which reportedly will be January, which was stated by Toews' agent Pat Brisson.

Allegedly, Johnathan Toews is expected to present his no-movement clause for another Stanley cup playoff run. There are three teams that favor Toews' services, suggested by Pierre Lebrun and Elliote Friedman, two NHL insiders.

The Winnipeg Jets are Toews' hometown team and it would be an obvious decision to put him in as the third-line centre, with their recent success, they would be a serious threat. Toews makes 10.5 million and won't be an easy facilitated trade. Although, the Blackhawks could retain 50% if they add a third team to equal the remaining salary.

Toews leaves the Blackhawks with little leverage and ultimately is in control.

A trade that would be steered in the direction Toews is desiring would be to fill the void in the Colorados team, replacing Nazem Kadri. The Blackhawks captain has 14 points in 25 games and should Colorado have interest, this would be a done deal.

The Washington Capitals have a hole down the middle and still unsure if Niklas Backstrom will return this year. If unreturned, the Capitals will have money to play around with and Toews would be an opportunity for the Capitals to step closer to the Stanley cup.
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Two NHL Insiders Reveal 3 Spots Toews Could Likely Request a Trade to

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