Two NHL Greats Go Neck and Neck in Online Controversy

Published January 18, 2024 at 3:13 PM
Two hockey legends are caught up in an online debate as former NHL enforcer Matthew Barnaby shares his thoughts on the best goalie ever.

Marc-Andre Fleury recently became the NHL's second-winningest regular-season goalie, but Barnaby insists that Dominik Hasek, a six-time Vezina Trophy winner, is unmatched.

Despite admitting to disliking Hasek and calling him the "worst teammate ever," Barnaby passionately declares Hasek the best goalie in the sport's history.

«In my opinion, people can point to Marty Brodeur or Patrick Roy, and listen if you played with them I understand, we always have a loyalty that way Dom is by far in my opinion, the best goaltender to ever f***ing play the game."

«To me, there's no one even close. Not even remotely close,»
Barnaby added.

«And I f***ing hate the guy. The worst teammate ever, EVER!

«Dominik is the best of all time, but teammate? Damn, the sh*t I saw this guy do and pull with teammates and fans. Listen, he's not a great dude at all, and I say great that's not what I want to use. This guy could be a serial douchebag at times. Now I'm sure he's 75 years old now and a lot better, but no I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.»

He acknowledges Marty Brodeur and Patrick Roy but firmly believes Hasek is in a league of his own. Hasek's personal qualities as a teammate, however, receive strong disapproval from Barnaby.

Despite Hasek's Hall of Fame induction and numerous accolades, Barnaby contends he wouldn't help him even if he were on fire.
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Two NHL Greats Go Neck and Neck in Online Controversy

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