Toronto Maple Leafs Are Close to Losing a Future Piece on The Blue Line..

Published August 19, 2022 at 1:02

The Toronto Maple Leafs have made some moves this off-season that seem questionable in the eyes of fans, but if they pan out, I'd argue they're a better team than they were this time last year. As the summer winds down, only one question remains, what are they going to do with young defender Rasmus Sandin?

According to Luke Fox of Sportsnet, the two sides are not close to an agreement. In fact, the two sides are no closer than they were at the start of the of the off-season.


One has to wonder about a couple of things here: 1) how much leverage does Sandin believe he has? 2) Would an offer-sheet be such a bad thing if it were to come along?

Think about it, Sandin and the leafs obviously don't agree. A team could submit an offer-sheet for 4.2 million for one year and the cap strapped leafs don't have to off-load any salary to be cap compliant.

Sandin, 22, had 5 goals and 11 assists for 16 points in 51 games last season and he's trying to hold out for a preferred side? I'm sorry, but Dubas should make an example out of him, it made sense for Nylander and Marner, he (Dubas) should send Sandin packing though.
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Toronto Maple Leafs Are Close to Losing a Future Piece on The Blue Line..

Will Rasmus Sandin be a huge loss to the Leafs franchise?

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