Top Five Blackhawks Games to Watch this Season

Published June 5, 2023 at 11:56 PM

Blackhawks vs Avalanche (10/12/22)

The Blackhawks kick off the 2022-23 season on the road against the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Expectations are not high for the Blackhawks this season, but this game might serve as a small measuring stick to see how bad (or good) the Blackhawks really are.

Blues vs Blackhawks (11/16/22)

The first time the historic rivalry clashes in the 2022-23 season. Blackhawks / Blues games are always chippy, no matter the level of skill of each team. However, in the first preseason game for the Blackhawks this season, an illegal hit from behind delivered by Blues' Jordan Kyrou will leave a chip on the Blackhawks. In hockey, especially rivalries, memories are not short and the Blackhawks will remember the illegal hit.

Maple Leafs vs Blackhawks (2/19/23)

The last game before the 2023 NHL trade deadline. In other words, potentially the last game for Jonathan Toews and/or Patrick Kane in a Blackhawks sweater. Trade rumors have circulated around these two for the past year, and the trade deadline this upcoming season looks to be the most likely team for these two to be dealt.

Golden Knights vs Blackhawks (2/21/22)

The first game after the ‘23 NHL trade deadline. This could be the first game we see the Blackhawks without both Kane and Toews. It could truly be the end of an era in Chicago hockey. Many are hopeful that this doesn't come to fruition, but the return for Patrick Kane could help to accelerate the Blackhawks rebuild.

Blackhawks vs Coyotes (3/18/22)

The last meeting in the regular season between the Hawks and Coyotes. The ultimate «tankathon» game. Both teams have hopes of landing Connor Bedard to improve their franchises, but only one team can draft Bedard. The team with the worst record has the best odds of winning the NHL lottery draft and presumably drafting Bedard. The true competition in this game might just be, who can play the worst hockey?
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Top Five Blackhawks Games to Watch this Season

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