This NHL Team is Deemed The Worst Franchise in Sports Currently

Published August 22, 2022 at 1:21 PM

A fun thing websites like to do during off-season's to keep fans busy is top 10 lists, of various things.

This included Bodog Sports who recently revealed their top 10 list of worst fan bases, not just in hockey but all professional sports combined and it had some interesting results.

Out of their top 10 list, three Canadian teams made their list with the Montreal Canadiens taking 8th place the Vancouver Canucks 4th and Toronto Maple Leafs number 2 making them the worst fans in the NHL.


However, this might me a little impartial but former Toronto Maple Leafs, and Boston Bruins goaltender Andrew Raycroft decided to throw his opinion in the mix picking his worst fanbase:

Montreal Canadiens. Not even close. #GoHabsGo


To be fair the Leafs and Bruins ars the Canadiens greatest rivals so his opinion was probably based on that.

I can say as a non Leaf fan living in Leafs Nation they are definitely annoying especially when they win a game and every October this is their year before the season starts.

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This NHL Team is Deemed The Worst Franchise in Sports Currently

Who has the worst NHL fan base?

Montreal or Toronto12235.9 %
Pittsburgh or Philadelphia10631.2 %
Vegas or other11232.9 %
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