The Chicago Blackhawks Involved in a Major Trade to Help Patrick Kane Find His New Organization?

Published November 20, 2023 at 10:40

In a surprising turn of events, a major revelation suggests that Patrick Kane's future in the NHL might not involve him being sent to Chicago, but rather the Chicago Blackhawks stepping in to take on cap space in exchange for assets, allowing another team to sign Kane.


The Blackhawks, known for their willingness to assist other teams with cap-related matters in return for draft picks or assets, hold a substantial $11.2 million in cap space, making this scenario a significant possibility.

Over a month ago, Kane shared a training video on social media, showcasing his rehabilitation progress after hip surgery. The purpose was to reassure various league GMs that he was on track for a successful return.

On the "32 Thoughts" podcast, insider Elliotte Friedman provided insights into Kane's situation, indicating that a decision is imminent, with Kane already in talks with teams. The Florida Panthers emerge as one of the most proactive teams in pursuing Kane, despite the slim chances of him landing in Montreal.

Notably, the Blackhawks, with over $11 million in cap space, could play a role in facilitating a trade by taking on cap space. This strategic move by general manager Kyle Davidson could benefit both parties, with the potential for the Panthers to make room for Kane while the Blackhawks gain additional assets.

Friedman on 32TP: ''We're starting to get close to the Patrick Kane decision, I think this week he's going to start talking to some teams. Bill Zito, the GM of Florida, has been one of the most aggressive GMs when it comes to Kane..''

As the Panthers navigate their cap situation, currently having over $7.6 million available due to LTIR, the return of Aaron Ekblad, with a $7.5 million salary, could impact their financial flexibility.
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The Chicago Blackhawks Involved in a Major Trade to Help Patrick Kane Find His New Organization?

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