The Chicago Blackhawks Future ''Showtime'' is Proving His Spot in The NHL

Published February 24, 2023 at 1:41 PM

Cole Guttman isn't the biggest man on the ice, but he has proved recently that he has the potential to be a big offensive threat. Guttman made his NHL debut February 15th against Toronto and has already scored 2 goals in his first 4 games, including a game winner.

Although the sample size in incredibly small, that speed and release on the shot is very similar to a certain Blackhawk fan favorite and elite shooter Alex DeBrincat. Alex came onto the scene in a similar way before breaking out, and Guttman possesses the same raw skills. With the recent performance, what does it mean for Guttman's future?

It sounds like the future of Guttman is up to management's discretion. We've seen multiple times this season instances of rookies getting a shot on the main roster for a few games, then going back to Rockford for meaningful development. With the deadline approaching, I don't see a problem with keeping Guttman on the roster and seeing if he can sustain his recent success over the remainder of the season.

Whether or not Guttman is a piece of the future remains to be seen, but he sure isn't hurting his case with his mindset and success. I'm hoping that Guttman can only improve from here. Everyone loves a good underdog story.
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The Chicago Blackhawks Future ''Showtime'' is Proving His Spot in The NHL

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