The Capitals bad boy runs into a wall against the Hawks.

Published March 25, 2023 at 9:55

When most fans talk about the Washington Capitals, they always speak of the greats of Nicholas Backstrom and Alexander Ovechkin. There's also another player on their roster that gets a lot of attention usually for the wrong reasons or gets him in trouble.

That would be Capitals bad boy Tom Wilson.

Wilson, who's known throughout the NHL as a player who has hurt others and done some pretty shady hits. Tonight against the Chicago Blackhawks, however, Wilson learns what it feels like to be on the other side of a monster hit.

Jarred Tinordi, the son of former player Mark Tinoriti, basically lays Wilson flat on the ice. Afterwards, numerous capitals players were trying to throw their body checks against him including Ovechkin which turned out nothing substantial.

The 31-year-old defenseman stands at 6 foot six and 229 pounds, he was drafted by Montreal in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft in the first round 22nd overall. He currently has played 40 games, has scored two goals with six assists for eight points and holds 38 penalty minutes.

The Blackhawks will be on the road today and will be playing the Minnesota Wild at 5:00 PM eastern.
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The Capitals bad boy runs into a wall against the Hawks.

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