The Blackhawks are analytics nerds---go figure

Published August 15, 2023 at 9:50

Though the Chicago Blackhawks are an original-six team, they remain relevant.

You'd be wrong to think the team doesn't dabble in analytics, as Shayna Goldman of The Athletic, who tracks analytics metrics and hires in the NHL, reports the team has one of the largest analytics departments in the league.

#Blackhawks Analytics Group Among Largest in the NHL

Another couple of tweaks of the #NHLAnalytics list + the ✨original✨ copy from back in 2019.

The Blackhawks currently have nine people in their analytics department, according to Goldman.

In comparison to Dallas, New Jersey, and Seattle, that office is the largest in the league. Toronto however, is 2nd largest in the league, given Kyle Dubas tenure there, have 8 people in the department.

Jeff Greenberg, formerly with the Chicago Cubs, is running the ship, according to Goldman.

It's been a minute: #NHLAnalytics list update, with some additions, subtractions, and title changes.

Among Greenberg's contributions was the development of a new app that helped players, coaches, and other staff keep track of stats and make informed decisions about the team.

According to this, the Blackhawks' analytics department may be among the most innovative in the league.
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The Blackhawks are analytics nerds---go figure

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