The Arizona Coyotes Saga Continues

Published August 9, 2023 at 5:41 PM

Having closely followed professional sports, especially the game of hockey, for over 30 years, I find myself astounded by the unwavering determination exhibited by the NHL in retaining the Arizona Coyotes within the state.

This perplexing decision defies conventional wisdom, as the majority of the state's population and taxpayers display little inclination to support this team.

Among avid NHL fans, it is widely acknowledged that Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the league, has staked a significant portion of his legacy on the fortunes of this franchise since its relocation from Winnipeg in 1995. Nonetheless, despite the passage of time, the quest for a viable solution to secure a new home for the Coyotes within the arid expanse of the southwestern United States remains an elusive effort.

As reported by Puck Empire, the team's owner, Alex Meruelo, has taken a proactive step by submitting a proposal to purchase a 41-acre parcel of land in Mesa, AZ. The intended purpose of this land acquisition is to construct a modern arena tailored to the needs of the Coyotes.

However, the road to securing a permanent home for the Coyotes has been fraught with obstacles. The rejection of their plans by the city of Tempe initially seemed to foretell a future where the team would continue playing their games in the makeshift environment of the college arena known as Mullet Arena.

From my perspective, this situation presents a disheartening reflection on the NHL and the world of professional sports as a whole. Allowing a team to persist in a location disinterested in fostering a passionate fan base is, without a doubt, a stain on the league's reputation.

Perhaps it would be in the best interest of the ownership group to consider relinquishing the team to a proprietor who is willing to relocate them to a city with an existing NHL arena and a receptive audience eager to rally behind the team.

It is anticipated that, if the current proposal gains traction, Alex Morello envisions having a comprehensive plan in place by the first quarter of 2024, with aspirations of completing the construction of the new arena by the 2026-2027 season.
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The Arizona Coyotes Saga Continues

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