Seth Jones Excited for Nick Foligno Signing

Published August 12, 2023 at 3:33

As the Blackhawks continue to solidify their summer roster amidst a whirlwind of changes in recent months, the team is embarking on a new chapter, focused on building a fresh core anchored by Connor Bedard.

General Manager Kyle Davidson has made a strategic move into the unrestricted free agency market, bringing in seasoned veteran players. This initiative aims to provide young talents with mentors and opportunities to learn the nuances of winning at the highest level.

Among the players poised to reap the benefits of these experienced additions is Seth Jones. Jones has faced scrutiny due to his on-ice performances, especially considering his substantial annual salary of $9.5 million, contributing to a cap hit of nearly $12.5 million. Consequently, he ranks second on the list of players with the highest salaries for the 2023 season.

The recent acquisition of Nick Foligno has sparked enthusiasm in Seth Jones. This is not a random occurrence, as the two were former teammates during their time in Columbus.

A towering defenseman at six feet four inches and 213 pounds, the 28-year-old had a disappointingly lacklustre season last year. Admittedly, his struggles must be contextualized within the context of his team's dismantling, leaving minimal talent to support him on the ice.

Despite these challenges, Jones participated in 72 games, tallying twelve goals, 25 assists, and accumulating 37 points. His plus-minus rating stood at a challenging -38. Worth noting is his consistent negative plus-minus over the past three seasons, which encompassed his time in Columbus as well.

The addition of Nick Foligno brings forth the prospect of bolstered leadership, with hopes that Jones will experience a turnaround in his performance, especially considering his current price point.
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Seth Jones Excited for Nick Foligno Signing

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