REPORT: First pro team to make cut proof equipment mandatory revealed

Published December 18, 2022 at 7:03 PM

Professional hockey teams have started to extend the protection measures of health and safety for their players. An example of why many organizations are reevaluating their protective equipment policies is because of incident earlier this year. Patrick Maroon slit Evander Kanes wrist with his skate and this was the tip of the iceberg.

The American Hockey League has already achieved this goal in Utica. Players are now purchasing cut resistant clothing and equipment according to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman. It is now mandatory for the Comets to wear all cut resistant clothing due to the incident with the New Jersey 2019, 3rd round draft pick Graeme Clarke, earlier this year, his wrist was slit by another players skate.

«New Jersey's AHL affiliate, Utica, made cut sleeves mandatory. Forward Graeme Clarke was cut a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully not serious, and he's played well. There will be continued momentum on this issue.»

Hopefully this movement by the Comets will promote the other teams to hop the trend and adapt safer policies for the players health and continuations for the seasons. There has been discussions about the NHL leading into this idea, hopefully they see the benefits and take the sacrifice to protect the players.

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