REPORT: A New Team Has Entered The Patrick Kane Sweepstakes

Published December 8, 2022 at 2:31 PM

If you think you are tired of reading about all the Kaner trade speculations, try writing about them each time.

There is always a new insider claiming they know where Patrick Kane is going to land at the deadline. At this point, it seems like the Coyotes are the only team that haven't been linked to the Blackhawks.

Don't worry, though, this article isn't about some bottom tier team getting Kane, it is actually about a solid playoff team that just beat the Hawks 3-0 recently in New York.

That's right, Patrick Kane is a suitable trade target for the Islanders, according to NYI Hockey Now.

There is not necessarily an insider who claims to link Kane to the Islanders, but the article we are reading makes good points as to why Kane would be a good fit with the Islanders.

Kane has struggled to produce to his typical numbers this year due to the lack of firepower around him, but the Islanders most certainly have talent to surround Kane if he comes in.

The only question is whether or not the Islanders can trade for and then extend the future HOFer.

The Islanders aren't looking to be done winning any time soon, so if Kane does make his way to the Islanders, GM, Lou Lamoriello, would push hard to extend Kane for a few years to solidify the beginning of a winning dynasty.

If I were to put money on it, I would bet on the Islanders now acquiring Kane at the deadline.

Read more on the speculation here:

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REPORT: A New Team Has Entered The Patrick Kane Sweepstakes

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