Police Know Two Of The Players From Team Canada's 2003 World Junior SA Investigation

Published August 25, 2022 at 2:57 PM

There's no doubt that Hockey Canada has disgraced our great country more specifically the members of Team Canada's World Junior Hockey teams from 2003 And 2018.

Both teams have had women come forward claiming they were sexually assaulted. The one alleged case took place during the 2003 World Junior Hockey Championships in Halifax Nova Scotia, while the 2018 investigation allegedly took place in London Ontario.

Hockey Canada originally did a internal investigation but it was done rather poorly casing the Canadian Government to step in and stop federal government funding to Hockey Canada until a actual investigation has taken place.

CBC News has just reported that the Halifax police now have the names of at least two members of the 2003 Team Canada.

"A person who was shown a video of the alleged incident after it occurred in 2003 said reported the identities of two players he recognized in the video in a recent interview with police. The source informed he told Halifax police he recognized the 2003 World Junior player holding the camcorder at the beginning of the video because he held the camera up to his face."

«[The video] made me sick to my stomach,» the source told CBC News. «I knew what I was watching was wrong.

«I recognized two of the players and both of them went on to have NHL careers.»

CBC News would reveal earlier this summer, a woman stepped forward to say that she was «gang raped» by members of the 2003 Canadian World Juniors team. From Rick Westhead's report, we found out the allegations claiming that more than a half-dozen players on the 2003 World Junior team were recorded during the tournament having sex with a woman who was naked and non-responsive.

More horrific details emerged with this breaking news: 

A one of the players from 2003 where rapping Her the others would watch and then decided to masturbate waiting for their turn to join in the rape.

"Her head was just turned to the side and she wasn't active," the source said.

This alleged incident from 2003 just came to light after the news that the 2018 team was under investigation the alleged female victim from 2003 finally decided to come forward.

Since these allegations have came to light numerous players from the 2003 Team Canada came forward to prove their innocence. Including, PA Parenteau, Carlo Colaiacovo, Dan Paille and Jordin Tootoo, who all denied being involved or even knowing or hearing of this until was reported by CBC news.

However, one of the goaltenders from the 2003's Team Canada, Minnesota Wild's Marc Andre Fleury hasn't been to helpful in the investigation when Fleury was confronted by Quebec's La Presse newspaper earlier this month he just declined to answer any questions.

This doesn't mean he's guilty of anything obviously but it's rather interesting that other players would come forward and help in the investigation while Fleury appears to just be avoiding it. I know if I was on those teams and I was innocent I'd do everything possible to prove it.


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Police Know Two Of The Players From Team Canada's 2003 World Junior SA Investigation

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