Petr Mrazek's Sick New Mask Design Revealed

Published September 24, 2023 at 3:48 PM

As we all know, Petr Mrazek is one of the goalies who will be returning to the Chicago Blackhawks in the upcoming season. For the season, Mrazek has already chosen the dome that will be used for his new team.

There is a new helmet on the market that was designed by Shell-Shock Designs, a company specializing in the paint of goalie masks and helmets for many of the worlds top athletes.

Excited to unveil Petr Mrazek's new mask for the 23-24 season

It is easy to notice that the paint job is simply black and red, placing emphasis on the team's primary logos and crests that normally appear on the shoulders of the jersey with the tomahawk on them.

It's such a sick design, I love it!

September 24   |   88 answers
Petr Mrazek's Sick New Mask Design Revealed

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