Nazem Kadri Reveals Why He Chose The Calgary Flames

Published August 19, 2022 at 2:52 PM

Nazem Kadri and his agent were listening to offers from every single team in the NHL as he made himself available to everybody, but he chose the Calgary Flames from all teams that ended up being interested- but why Calgary?

Kadri addressed the media, and covered any topics relating why he chose the Flames, read below:

Flames C Nazem Kadri addressing the media:

"It's certainly an elaborate process (the UFA market). The patience definitely did me some good. Calgary was always a team that was interested from Day 1. It was definitely a tricky process, there was some decisions to be made."

More from Kadri: "Ultimately, it's about winning, about being a contender. I feel that that played a huge factor in me coming to CGY - understanding that the time is now. It certainly could be close with the moves we've made and me hopping on board. I'm excited to meet the guys."

Kadri, ultimately already had a cup winning team on his radar (the avalanche) but the money simply couldn't be matched b
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Nazem Kadri Reveals Why He Chose The Calgary Flames

Are the flames cup contenders with the addition of Nazem Kadri?

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